Surrounding the Catalan capital, we find ourselves in front of a series of regions that are part of the Costa Barcelona tourist brand. Calella is a small corner of the Maresme that, despite not being a very big destination, it is full of activities, events and places to visit. Along with Santa Susanna, Pineda de Mar and Malgrat de Mar, it is a municipality with the Family Tourism seal awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya. It brings together all the essence of the Mediterranean, standing out for its beautiful beaches but it is also characterized for having very good options for family, sports, gastronomic or cultural tourism.

In this city, also known as Calella de Mar and being considered the tourist capital of the Catalan coastal region, you can find a very good range of services, a wide range of leisure activities designed for all ages, a well-equipped beach and commercial offer of all kinds. In addition, it is perfectly adapted for pedestrians and has numerous green spaces, something that is fantastic because it allows you to do a lot of excursions and activities designed for all members of the family. So you can see that it is very difficult not to feel comfortable in this city specially prepared for you to spend quality time with your family!

Taking into account all this information, we want to propose 3 essential activities that you can not miss if you come to visit our city:


Calella has almost three kilometers of blue and clean water, so the first thing we recommend you do when you arrive in Calella with your family is to enjoy its beaches. On the one hand, if you prefer to swim in a more intimate and quiet area, we recommend a short walk (inclusive) from the Passeig Marítim to Les Roques Beach where you will find a small beach of transparent water surrounded by rocks. This one is very close to the Lighthouse and to “Les Torretes“. It is also surrounded by small coves, Rocapins, La Vinyeta, Cala d’en Pere (nudist) or La Roca Grossa. However, if you are looking to be on a beach where you do not have to worry about finding a place to lay and where you can practice a wide variety of sports, we recommend going to Platja Gran or Platja del Garbí. From Platja del Garbí, awarded with the Q for Quality and Blue Flag, we not only highlight its waters and its breadth but also the great variety of  bars perfect to go for a drink. Out of the different options available, we highlight the Bahari Club, Hotel Bernat IIs Beach Club, located right in front of the hotel area of Calella. Here you can find discounts on drinks (if you are staying at the Hotel Bernat II) and also, if you make a reservation at their restaurant, they give you sunbeds, parasols and also a parking space! Something that is appreciated because sometimes it is difficult to find parking at the beach area.

On the other hand, in the hotel area where the Bahari Club is located, there is the Calella Tourist Association activity point, where you can find plenty of free or 20% off activities (for people staying at the Hotel Bernat II), ranging from bouncy castles to kayak excursions. Check out all the activities available here.


The Dalmau Park in Calella is a very pleasant natural area and the largest leisure area in the town for excellence, where the brand of Family Tourism Destination (DFT) can also be seen. That’s why we’ve added it to the must-do list.

It can be visited in an easy route, thanks to the paths and trails expressly indicated. It has children’s areas, picnic area, fountains, pine forests, garden areas and numerous benches to rest. It is an ideal environment full of greenery and multicolored flowers, which has at least 10 hectares of idyllic gardens and shady forests in the heart of Calella perfect for all those walks among pines and sculptures lovers. Dalmau Park, then, is the perfect counterpoint to combine beach and nature and, moreover, it can also offers a wide variety of activities to do:

  1. Do the botanical itinerary. It starts in the central part of the park, in the Font dels Lleons. In this way, the different types of vegetation that inhabit it can be observed. At the bottom are banana trees and in the part superior the Mediterranean forest predominates, with pines, oaks and weeds.
  2. For the little ones there are areas with children’s play facilities ranging from classic swings and slides to new and very modern games that encourage imagination and adventure.
  3. You can’t miss visiting the anti-aircraft shelter located on the edge of the park built in 1937, during the Civil War, to protect the population from bombing.
  4. If you want to walk around Calella, you can do the Ruta de l’Esquirol, one of the routes that passes through the middle of the Park. It lasts about an hour and is also perfectly marked with red squirrel-shaped paint. Its difficulty is very low and this allows it to be suitable for all family members.


You can’t miss the opportunity to get on the Carrilet de Calella. It’s a little train and, almost like all this kind of trains, is open and they allow you to see the scenery and catch some fresh air while exploring the city. It’s the perfect option for walking the city’s main streets in a different way, especially if you’re traveling with kids and during the summer months. The full tour lasts approximately 40 minutes and it is a perfect plan to do with all the family!

The Calella tourist train offers an urban route through the different streets and the seafront. Round trip prices are € 3 for adults and € 1 for children. Up to 2 years is free. It runs every 20-25 minutes and runs from 9am to 10pm during the high season months. It has stops from one end of the city to the other, and one of those it is right in front of the Hotel Bernat II. It is also perfect for using it as a public transport if you come to Calella to spend the day.


Dear guest,
Due to the exceptional situation we are experiencing, we had to close Hotel Bernat II much earlier than we expected. We will be attentive to the evolution of the pandemic to be able to reopen the doors as soon as possible.
We do not want to say goodbye without first thanking all those guests who came to spend a few days with us. Thank you very much. And, to all of you who have not been able to come, we hope to welcome you as soon as possible.

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18.30 h

At the Town Hall Square (plaça de l’Ajuntament): start of the main festival with the little giants and chocolate drinks for everyone.

21.00 h

At the Town Hall Square (plaça de l’Ajuntament): activities for the main festival with opening speeches, the dance of the wolf and the Calella Giants.

23.30 h

In the beach marquee: Concert performance by the groups Irie Souljah, Obeses & Imperial Jade. Entrada gratuïta.


11.00 h

At the Church Square (plaça de l’Església):  Kite making workshop.

11.30 h     

In the beach marquee: Concert performance for children and youngsters, free entrance.   

12.00 h

In the Dalmau Park: Mister and Miss Calella, handover of the title from the winners of 2018 and proclamation of the new winners 2019.

16.00 h

On the beach: Kite flying.

17.00 h

At the plaça Catalunya; Piper’s concert.

17.30 h

Parade of the Human Castle Groups from the Maresme: itinerary: from the Plaça de Catalunya, streets of Cervantes, Església, Bisbe Sivilla and ending at the town hall.

18.00 h

At the Town Hall Square (plaça de l’Ajuntament): Human Castles.

21.00 h

At the Church Square (plaça de l’Església): dance performances by the Orientalium Association.

21.30 h

At the plaça de Lluís Gallart: “correfoc” fire dancer’s parade. Itinerary: plaça de Lluís Gallart, streets of Àngel Guimerà, Jovara, Creus, Església, the church square, Romaní, Bisbe Sivilla and ending at the town hall.

23.30 h

In the beach marquee: FluorParty and concerts by the groups Doctor Prats & the Biruji band, free entrance.


9.30 h

On the carrer de l’Església (main shopping street): Meeting point of the Giants who are participating in the 37th annual Meeting of the Giants of Catalonia.  Snacks also available at 2 €.

11.30 h

On the carrer de l’Església (main shopping street): Parade of the Giants. Itinerary streets: Església, Sant Josep, Jovara, Escoles Pies and ending at the Town Hall Square (plaça de l’Ajuntament):

12.30 h

At the Town Hall Square (plaça de l’Ajuntament): The dancing of the Giants.

18.00 h

At the plaça Lluís Gallart: Holi Festival: The great festival of colours. The first participants to arrive will be given 1 free bag of holi powder. Powder can also be purchased at the event.

18.00 h

In the beach marquee: Symphonic Choir Concert. Entrance: 10 €. Tickets can be bought in anticipation online at www.entrapolis.com and in the Calella Municipal Museum, open from Tuesday to Saturday from 18.00 to 21.00 h, and on Sundays and bank holidays from 11.00 to 14.00 h. or at the ticket box 2 hours before the concert (subject to availability).

23.30 h

In the beach marquee:  concert by the groups Apache, Fundación Tony Manero & Josep-T Deejay, free entrance.


11.00 h

At the Parich Church: Service in honour of the Calella main festival.

12.00 h

On the beach promenade of Manuel Puigvert within the main Calella fair area: Traditional Catalan Sardana dance and concert by theMontgrins choir.

12.15 h

At the Town Hall Square (plaça de l’Ajuntament): The dances of the Giants of Calella.

13.30 h

In the beach marquee: 38th Catalan cooking exhibition in aid of the Hospital of Calella.

18.00 h

In the beach marquee: Solidarity concert by the Montgrins Orchestra in aid of the Calella Hospital. Entrance: 10 €. Tickets can be bought in anticipation in the Calella Municipal Museum, open from Tuesday to Saturday from 18.00 to 21.00 h, and on Sundays and bank holidays from 11.00 to 14.00 h. or at the ticket box 2 hours before the concert (subject to availability).

20.30 h

In the beach marquee: The main festival Ball with the Orchestra Montgrins. Free entrance.

21.30 h aprox.

On the Garbi beach: The end of festival firework display.


On 11 September, the streets of all the towns in Catalonia are filled with celebrations, culture and many traditions that cover all age groups and audiences. From the hotel Bernat II we have found a video that we believe you can use to get to know more directly this day of September 11th and Catalan culture.

There are many unique spots in Catalonia. You can find the most beautiful coasts (Costa Brava, Golden Coast …) and the most spectacular mountainous places (Montserrat, the Gavarres, the pica of states, and many more). Apart from all the natural attractions, you can also get to know architectural and artistic elements that attract visitors from all over the world. A clear example is Gaudí’s various works or vestiges of Barcelona’s bourgeois past.

The essence of Catalonia in a single capsule that we want to share, today, with you.
Happy Catalonia Day!


It’s been some days since a very special guest arrived at the Hotel! This is the pet of the Hotel, Bernat the horseman. His functions inside the hotel are to help the monitors and take care of the children in the mini club during the summer.

If you want to find out more about the activities we do, follow us on our social networks such as Facebook or Instagram and live at the moment the activities of our animation team.

And you like Bernat?


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This blog post is very special! As seen in the images that accompany this publication, we talk about the sporting event that we live more intensely from the Hotel. We talk about Ironman Barcelona, ​​specifically the Ironman 70.3 test that takes place this weekend a few meters from the Hotel Bernat II, our home. As every year, the Hotel welcomes triathletes from all over the world and professionals from this discipline who come with their companions and family to enjoy a few days of leisure, sport and tourism in the surroundings of Calella. From the Hotel Bernat II we are involved each year with adapted schedules and a specific diet for the day of the competition.

Below you can see the informative graphs of the Ironman general schedules and the adapted times of the Hotel.

What a desire to share moments as unique as the finish line!

And you, do you feel like Ironman?


Discover Halloween in our hotel! Come and spend few days with your family and enjoy this time of the year … Would you like to have fun with us?🎃

It will be during the October’s 31th night and there will be a Halloween dance where you can come dressed up. Will you wear your mask and cape? We do 😊

– You don’t have disguise? No problem, animation staff will paint the childrens faces so they will spend an unforgettable Halloween!

– We will also have a mini disco where the kids of the party will be able to enjoy and show their costumes while they dance!

Are you ready? Do not hesitate about it and book it here. We have very few rooms!


We recommend you to come with the bateries charged!🎉


In today’s post we’ll make a history class about the tourism in Calella …


According to the United Nations, tourism has become one of the most important drivers of economic growth in the world. It is estimated that this sector represents 10% of gross domestic product (GDP) and will continue to grow until 2030. It’s not that bad, right? 😏


The cause of growth is due to the fact that during the second half of the twentieth century and the 21st century, traveling has become an activity within reach of everybody. It has been declared that the right to vacations it’s a universal right. This fact implied a change of panorama, in which people had more time for leisure and traveling.


Apart from this, there are others such as low-cost rates and digital media tools, that make traveling much easier. Internally we are updated to keep up with all the digital resources and facilitate the reservation of the next client. It’s an experience!


As a hotel, we are proud to say that we have been part of this change, since the city where we are, Calella, has become the reference point for the tourism world in recent years. This same tourism, of comes to Calella between the 1970’s and the mid-90’s. And that’s how our city became a well-known destination for the Central European tourist.


Due to the need to accommodate European travellers, the family project it’s being built to create this hotel. This happens during the economic growth period of Calella as a city, specifically in 1989 which is when the hotel opens its doors. Day by day, we’ve seen many tourists and many events that have been enriching us time over time. It made us more professionals, and at the same time, those experiences have allowed us to preserve the familiarity that characterizes us.


We are aware of how society advances and how the demands of the sector change. That’s why we always want to be aware of the latest developments and take care of the last detail in order to offer to our clients the highest quality during their stay. We do it because we love our work and we like to see how people disconnect at our home. Btw, which are your plans for the weekend? 😎


Tourism unites people and cultures. It makes us very happy to be a part of it!


From the Hotel Bernat II we want to help you with the daily activities that arise during the stay. That’s why we have done a brief search to make it easier to organize your trip to Calella and from Calella to everywhere. From our hotel we have several proposals and many ways to suit your needs.


From all the various possibilities to travel between the hotel and the airport, we offer you the transfer service from El Prat airport or the Girona airport (this last from April to October). This service is organized by the hotel and can be private or shared. If you are interested, you must book it through our website.



On the other hand public transport organized by coach, is one of the other good options to reach the airport from the area where we are located. The stop for departures and arrivals it lasts 5 minutes from the hotel and the duration of the trip is approximately of one hour. This service is public and there is no reservation option as in the other case. To know timetables and rates you can follow the link that we propose below.




A very popular option among all users is the train that runs along the coast. This line of train is the oldest in Spain, and its first service was in 1848. This is also the most economical and most beautiful proposal. From Calella we have the possibility to take the suburban train to Barcelona and direction Girona. Trains to Barcelona are more frequent, and they pass every 15 minutes. The return ticket costs 10€ but if you have to move around the city, we recommend taking a combined ticket to make use of the subway and the metropolitan transport of the city of Barcelona. Check schedules here 

One of the advantages that there is during the trip with the train, are the landscapes. During the trip to Barcelona, ​​you can enjoy fantastic views of the Mediterranean coastline. Once you reach Barcelona, ​​the train can leave you in several stations. The most central station is Plaça de Catalunya. In case your destination is El Prat airport, don’t worry, you just have to change the train to Sants station and take the one that goes to the airport, on the other rail.



If driving is your passion, you have the option of renting a car at the same airport or moving with your own vehicle in the area. In the Hotel we have an indoor parking for our clients.

So you don’t have more excuses, now you know how to reach us! We are waiting for you!



With the arrival of good weather and warm temperatures, coastal towns such as Calella have a great treasure: the beach. In fact, in Calella we do not have only one beach, but we have three! Each one with very different characteristics, but among all offer a wide variety of activities and benefits for all audiences.
In the graph above you can briefly observe the summary characteristics of each beach, so depending on the needs you have, you can decide more easily.

Below we explain more in detail each of the beaches that we recommend:

  1. GARBÍ BEACH: This is the most visited beach in Calella. With almost 1 km in length and a width of 72 meters, it is the bathing area that is closest to our hotel. Exactly 2 minutes walking. It is also on this beach where you can enjoy our establishment Bahari Club, an idyllic space where you can make the aperitif, eat, have a cocktail, or simply relax in our hammocks and umbrellas area. It is the most comfortable option for those who travel with children and do not want complications. It has a very simple access, it has beach soccer and volleyball areas, and there are also public services adapted for people with disabilities. In fact, it has been three consecutive years being commemorated with the blue flag and the “Q” of European quality beaches.
  2. LES ROQUES BEACH: It is the most beautiful area of beaches in the Maresme area. Your choice if what you want is to enjoy the landscape and feel the true contact with nature. This is at 10 minutes walking from the hotel. The beach of “Les Roques” consists of four coves, one of which is nudist. We recommend arriving by walking because parking in that area is usually complicated.
  3. MAIN BEACH: As the name suggests, this is the largest beach in Calella and has the same amenities as the Garbí beach. One of its most important features is that it is located in the middle of the city and is the most popular beach. It has its beginning after the stream of Calella and extends 1.5Km.

We hope that this little guide has served you and you can find the right place to bathe this summer. Above all do not forget to bring sunscreen, moisturize constantly during sun exposure and avoid staying in the beach during the hours when the sun is more damaging (12: 00h to 16: 00h). In case of any doubt, our reception team will advise you on how to enjoy the best areas of our city. Happy Holidays!