Three places you must visit in Calella


Three places you must visit in Calella

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Calella is one of the most important cities on the Maresme coast. Located in the center of the region and at strategic distances from Barcelona and Girona, it has become one of the most important tourist ports in Catalonia. During the summer season, it grows almost a third of its population and this is due to the geography of this municipality: it has beaches, mountains, entertainment venues, restaurants... 


But beyond that, Calella is also a cultural centre. For this reason we want to make a list with the three essential places you must visit if you want to get to know our city. Do you dare to do the route?


The 3 essentials in Calella


The lighthouse


The Calella lighthouse is one of the most emblematic places in the city. During the 17th and 18th centuries it served as a watchtower to protect the area from attacks by Algerian pirates. A century later, it was inaugurated as a lighthouse and has continued its activity ever since.


It is one of the main jewels of Calella thanks to its viewpoint and its panoramic views of the city. So much so that it has been used as a stage for live music festivals such as the NEC (Nits d’Estiu a Calella) which is taking place this summer and will date until September.

Les Torretes de Calella


The Torretes are one of the monuments that are part of Calella's artistic heritage. Located between the coasts of Calella and Sant Pol de Mar, they served as optical towers to send telegraphy messages. They were built in 1848 but due to the steam train arriving in the city in 1861 they fell into disuse. For this reason and the lack of maintenance, over time they have become damaged and in ruins. 


They are located on the hill of Les Torretes and have panoramic views of the Calellan city that are worth admiring. Do you want to discover this historic corner?

El monument de la Sardana


This monument is located at the beginning of Passeig Manuel Puigvert and is one of the most memorable pieces in Calella. It was inaugurated in the eighties in honor of the Sardana, a traditional Catalan dance and symbol of Catalan identity and nationality. The monument rests on an octagonal pillar and dances and sardanas are often held around it, to commemorate the history of this dance.


Now that you have been able to learn about the history and functionality of these monuments, are you encouraged to visit them during your stay in Calella?