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The Sant Joan festivity is a celebration that takes place around the country during the night of June 23th and it is celebrated in many different forms. In Calella, it is lived in a very special way, because we are so close to the sea, so it makes this tradition even more unique.

The tradition explains that when the sunset begins, the bonfires turned on and is when the popular verbenas and dinners start at all the place in squares, streets and beaches. This is a magical night that celebrates the summer solstice. A tradition that has become a celebration with elements and customs very marked and symbolic. Especially in the seaside towns where there are bonfires on the beach, midnight baths, songs, and various magical rituals for those who believe in the purifying power of the fire of Sant Joan.

Another essential element to make this night something more authentic, is the well-known coca de Sant Joan. This is a desert decorated with fruit and cream and it’s usually accompanied with cava to give and celebrate that summer begins.
So, from our hotel we invite you to go out on the street, get alight the fire, enjoy the Sant Joan coca’s and cava to celebrate all together with enthusiasm that one of the best and most beloved times of the year is coming!

At Bahari Club (located in the beach) you will find an ideal proposal to enjoy all the elements of the Sant Joan night and make this a memorable memory.

Let free your troubles and forget all the non-resolved problems, put on your best outfits and join us to celebrate and welcome the most expected and wonderful time of the year, our beloved summertime!